Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trip to the apple orchard

We decided this year to take a family trip to the apple orchard for their family fun day to do some apple picking. So we loaded up my in-laws van and all headed off to Monroes Apple Orchard in Hiram, Oh. We ended up being blessed with a beautiful fall day even though we could see rain clouds in the distance we never felt a drop while we were there.

So we all loaded up on the hay wagon to take a ride out into the apple orchard to start picking our apples. We enjoyed the secnary of the orchard while on the hayride. The boys were having fun playing with the lose hay. Once we got out into the orchard we all felt like kids in a candy store looking for that perfect piece, but instead of being the perfect piece of candy it was the perfect apple. My boys were wanting to eat all the apples right off the trees instead of putting them in our bag to take home.

So we finally got our bag full of apples to take home. But before leaving the orchard we had to take part in some of the family fun day events. Like making sure we got our Free apple cider, apple, apple bread and apple fritter samples yummy. The boys also got their faces painted, some yummy treats from the amish ladies that were there selling baked goods and of course we had to watch the making of the apple cider and buy a few jugs to bring home. They make the best apple cider there. When we got home we ended up using the apples to make four apple pies and homemade apple juice. All I can say is it was a trip to the apple orchard that I will never forget because it was with my wonderful family.

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