Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Update

Ok where to begin... Let's see we have the baby scheduled to be delivered via C-section on February 10th but neither one of her brothers came when scheduled they both came at 38 weeks. We are hoping she does the same since I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow :-). Sleep I am not getting much of since she is sitting on my pelvic bone. I tried to sleep sitting up last night which was not comfortable and then I was having speratic small contractions. We went to the doctor yesterday and everything is looking good I'm still gaining weight and am also 1cm dilated. We have been working on getting the nursery all together crib is up and changing table in the room. I had the room decorated but most of the decorations feel so I have to find a new way to hang them up. I had my baby shower Sunday and it was a great blessing to us. We were blessed with many great family and friends that came to join share in our joy. My mom surprised me with the Camo Garden bedding set I wanted for the baby. Now I am currently working on getting all the gift bags unpacked and clothes washed and everything else put away. Bubba and Pumpkin are getting excited that it's almost baby sister time they can't wait to meet her same as everyone else. :-) She is going to be one very loved little girl. :-) Not only is she the first Granddaughter but the first girl for my husbands family. My in-laws had two boys and then my husband and I had two boys so it looked like they weren't ever gonna get a girl. :-) Well I will keep try to keep you posted on what is going on with this little one and when she decides to make her appearance in the world.

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