Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear Review & Discount

While pregnant with her second daughter, designer and owner, Sandra Mayo, was out shopping
for just the right Maternity Wear outfit but couldn't find any. “I thought to myself, surely I can’t
be the only woman out here feeling this way.” says Mayo. So, utilizing her degree in Fashion Merchandising and her many years in retail sales, Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear was born!

“Pregnancy is a time of growth and beauty,” says Mayo. “it’s a significant time in a woman's life, where she feels her body's constantly changing, feeling feminine, strong and never sexier!”
"It’s also a time of reflection and a time to celebrate. When you think of the metamorphosis that
is taking place, it’s phenomenal: it is a reason to celebrate! We hope our fashions reflect all of this during this very special time of your life."

So I have received the privilege to review a very nice and comfortable 2-piece lounge wear set from Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear. Both top and bottom are made of a lightweight cotton/Lycra blend. Top has a front side pocket with pearl snaps and crochet cuffs on the sleeves. Full length bottoms with mid-belly elastic drawstring waistband. Bottoms also have matching crocheted cuffs.This company has a lot of great maternity wear available to help the expecting mom still
feel very elegant and sexy while being pregnant. Just because you are pregnant you don't have to wear the granny gowns or t-shirts and sweat pants like I always do which drives my husband crazy. He couldn't figure out why I wouldn't put on my lingerie to wear for him anymore and it wasn't that I didn't want to, but not fitting in it correctly doesn't make you feel to sexy even
though that wasn't my husbands thoughts. That's why I got really excited when I came across Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear and got a chance to do a review for them. This company has a lot
of great clients that use their products like Naomi Priestley, Tori Spelling, Joely Fisher and
Melissa Joan Hart just to name a few. The lounge wear they sent me to review I was very excited about, because it is something that I can wear after delivering as well and still be able to nurse very easily and still feel sexy in it while not being pregnant as well.

They also offer some great regular maternity wear as well and are adding new stuff all the time. This is a company to be watching for great new momma-2-be stuff. This maternity would make
for a great Valentines Day Gift, Baby Shower, or even a just because I'm thinking of you gift. Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear has offered all my followers a 25% off discount for the month of February. Just to let you know that she is also offering free shipping from her website BUT you can not use both discounts and when it comes down to how much you'll save you'll be better off using the
25% rather then the Free Shipping you'll Save More, and that's one thing I'm big about is finding savings where and when I can. I really hope you will go
and check out Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear on Facebook as well as there Website and see all the great things they have for us expecting mommas!!


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