Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good/Bad Weeks

Wow where to begin March  has been a month of ups and downs for my family. The beginnig of the month was great. My wonderful hsband surprised me with a new ring that has our families
 birthstones in it and his and my names on the side. He had the ring custom made and I LOVE IT...
 Last week was going good Sweet Pea had her one month check up and is growing like a weed. She
now weighs 9lbs 2oz and is 22 1/4in longs she was 7lbs 8oz and 20in long when she was born. :-)
Then Saturday night my Uncle passed away and the everything has been going downhill from there it seems. My family had a gt together in honor of my Uncle and no one bothered to call and let me
know. Then yesterday Bubba got suspended from school  for three days for using not nice words on the bus. Needless to say my husband and I are not happy at all. Took Pumpkin to the eye specialist to find out that his left eye and brain are not communicating like they should so he can barely see out of his left eye. We are waiting on his glasses to come in and he goes back to the specialist in 4 weeks. Hopefully the glasses are working at helping correct and bring back the vision in his eye. Otherwise
we will have to patch his right eye to make the left work, which will be very hard on him because he won't be able to see for awhile. Things have been getting fiance wise because Jake took a new job and has not got paid for the month of March and will not receive a check till April. So I am going to start watching a friends boys for her a couple times a week to help bring in some income as well. Cloth diapering Sweet Pea is going great and i'm loving it and Jake is starting to get into along with my in-laws and my parents since the price of dispoables are going up. Sweet Pea is doing great nursing as well. I am loving all the time I am getting to spend with her and Pumpkin since I am not going back to work instead working from home. :-) Bubba is gonna be starting T-Ball soon and is enjoying doing his
 4-H projects the one is doing really good. Happenings of the Harper Household has a really great giveaway going on currently for anyone who lives in our local area or is willing to drive. She has been lucky enough to get the chance to review the Sesame Street Live Show, and is giving away a pack of 4 tickets to the show. Needless to say I am trying to get those tickets. We took Bubba to see Sesame Street Live when he was about 1 1/2 before we moved to Georgia on a business venture that didnt work out and we came back to Ohio.

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