Friday, March 25, 2011

Pea Wee Baby Review

I have had the great opportunity to review a Swaadlebuddy Sack by Pea Wee Baby. Tamara is the owner and founder of Pea Wee Baby. Pea Wee Baby was born out of necessity.  Due to Tamara's newborn daughter being a swaddle houdini, and she was desperate for a decent stretch of sleep. As most mothers are with a newborn baby.  Once she found something that worked for them, she felt she had to put it out there for other mamas with their own
swaddle houdinis! I have a couple different swaddles that I use for Sweet Pea at night. She
is luckily not a swaddle houdini unless I just swaddle her in a blanket.

Tamara makes four different swaddles the Swaddlebuddy Sack, Swaddlebuddy Suits, SwaddleBuddy and the SwaddleBuddy Blanket Set. Depending on the personality of your
child and their sleep habits there is a Swaddlebuddy for you. I always make sure that Sweet Pea can get her hands out of the swaddles because she likes to suck on them and her thumb occassionally if she can find it. She doesn't care to much if her feet are out unless I have socks on them. If I have socks on her feet she doesn't want them covered she is a silly girl. Thats why I choose to review the Swaddlebuddy Sack. Because as long I didn't have socks on Sweet Pea and her hands were free she was a Happy Baby.

The Swaddlebuddy Sack made it easy for me to nurse Sweet Pea during the night. All I had
to do was pick her up and hold her no needing to fuss with blankets to keep her warm. It
also was very convient for co-sleeping because I could easily hold Sweet Pea and not worry about her losing here blanket or it bunching up on her. When I first got the Swaddlebuddy Sack I was so confused on how to use it. Even the directions seemed foreign to me, but I was also going on very little sleep. lol Once I was rested good it all made sense to me. Surprising what a good rest does for the body. Tamaras swaddle are made of very soft strechy fabric.

I would have to say that I would recommend Tamaras Swaddlebuddys to anyone with a newborn. You just need to know which one would work best for your baby and your baby's needs. Tamara also has other great items that she makes jump on over to here website and check it out. Pea Wee Baby and stop by her facebook page and say Hi from Andersons Angels.  

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