Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Wow is all I can say about Easter Weekend....Friday was good Friday so my oldest did not have
school and my husband got out of work early. :-) We tried to get both my parents and my in-laws to take Bubba and Pumpkin for the night neither would so no date night. Oh Well... Saturday I
attended The Great Cloth Diaper Change with my good friend Danielle from Happenings of the
Harper Household at The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon, Oh. We ended up making our local paper as well. :-)

After I left The Great Cloth Diaper Change I met up with my husband and boys to pick up some last minute needed items for Easter Dinner. When we got home the boys and I decided to get our Easter Egg coloring done before they left to spend the night at there Nana & Papas house. Little did they know that there Nana & Papa had a surprise for them. They went and got a pop-up camper so they
can take the boys camping now. Bubba & Pumpkin were super excited when they saw it and the thought of camping. I love seeing the joy on my kids faces over some of the most simplest things
like the thought of getting to go camping this summer. After leaving my In-Laws Jake and I sat out
to get the boys Easter Gift. We had no clue what we would come home with. All we knew was we
were looking for either a Lizard or Rabbit. Well we ended up with the Rabbit. It is all black with a
little blue around it's huge feet. lol It's name is Bandit and its so cute!

Sunday morning Jake and I got up and redded up the house since everyone was coming over after church for dinner. My first year of cooking the Easter ham... How would it turn out you'll have to
keep reading to find out...lol We go to a small church with my in-laws and love it. My parents and brother do not attend church but I get them there with me as much as I can. And Sunday I had them
all including my brothers girlfriend. :-) I was so happy to have everyone at church with us. After
church we all headed back to my house and the boys still did not know about Bandit yet... When we
got home they went looking for there Easter Baskets which were sitting on Bandits cage. Guess
which got more attention?? Did you guess the baskets?? Yea the baskets got more attention right away. lol After the boys got there baskets I started cooking dinner. We had Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Mac-n-Cheese, Corn, Green Beans, Noodles in Chicken Broth, Deviled Eggs, Veggie Tray
and Rolls. I made everything but the deviled eggs, and veggie tray. My brother came in to see if I needed any help and I had it almost all done he was like "wow sis you cook fast". lol Oh yea and how did the ham turn out here is my husbands comment "best ham ever!", my mother-in-law "Trista is cooking the ham from now on". Guess I didn't do to bad. :-) After dinner my brother-in-law and
Sweet Pea crashed on the couch together so cute had to take a picture and oh yea she is sporting
her Cow Patties Cloth Diaper that I'm doing a review on. hint hint ;-)

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