Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Wow seems like I've been MIA a lot lately...I have so many reviews and giveaways to get posted for all you... With Bubba being out of school its added a lot of extra running to the mix. With 4-H,
4-H camp, T-ball, doctor appointments, Vet appointments, fathers day, Pumpkin's Birthday planning, and zoo camp coming up I'm one busy momma... Plus we added a new member to the family... A kitten Bubba named Jasmine she was one of two that was left out of a litter that raccoons had killed.

Sweet Pea is now 4 months old can you believe it?? I can't she is getting big way to quickly...
When I took her in for her 4 month check up she had only gained a few ounces for the month. So the doctor started talking about supplementing her and that I needed to see the lactation consultant. So I took Sweet Pea to The Breastfeeding Center for a visit and weighing. And found out that I'm making enough milk for my Sweet Pea so no supplementing :-) I think she didn't gain much because she is a super active little girl.

Bubba has his last T-ball game Saturday which I'm sad to see end, but the boys are in swimming lessons as well now so they will still have something fun to look forward too. Jake is playing softball with our church for exercise which is great! He is having a hard time with losing weight even though we watch what he eats and he is exercising. I have been trying to get started on my sewing but it hasn't happened yet :-( I did however get the material to make me a wrap to use to carry Sweet Pea in. I can no longer carry her in her car seat because it is leaving my arms
bruised. :-( Well that's just a quick update on us Anderson's and our busy household keep an eye out for reviews and giveaways that I will be posting soon.

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  1. Love it!! I can comment on the whole thing...I am busy, busy, busy, too. Tomorrow my oldest turns 6, the next day he graduates kinder. It is also my sister's bday and 20 year anniversary. Two of my nephews graduate. I have a bday party for both of my boys born 5 years apart. I am a teacher and I am wrapping up the school year. My youngest turns 1 next Weds. We are going on a trip next Tues. I think I am going to go nuts! I am procrastinating by being on the computer!!! I can sooooooooooooo relate!

    Thanks for the extra entries! Want a Cow Patties!
    Hang in there!!

    dmoretti1967 at

  2. I think its great you are going to make a wrap for your little one! They seem so convenient but are so expensive in the stores! My son is four months as well and I've been keeping my eyes peeled for an affordable one!

  3. Mehera I bought the material for $15 and looked up the directions to make my own sleepy wrap- hint, hint just an idea