Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ABE 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight **My Swim Baby**

My Swim Baby Sponsor Post

How many of you parents worry about how well your little ones are protected from the sun with their swimsuits on? We apply sunscreen but are their cloths actually protecting them from the sun as well? After the sunburn Pumpkin got this year I was almost afraid to take Sweet Pea in the sun; even though I know its a great way for the kids to get natural Vitamin D. What would you say if I told you I found a company that makes a 2 Piece Rashguard Set that has specially treated fabric with a UV protection factor of 50+. That comes with the Ultimate Swim Diaper made up of 3 layers -a waterproof layer to prevent leaks, an absorbent layer to absorb wetness and a wickaway lining to keep moisture from baby's skin. I'm guessing your going who; who makes these sets I want one... Well ladies and gentlemen the company is
iPlay and My Swim Baby has been gracious enough to donate one for ABE 2.0...

My Swim Baby sent Sweet Pea the Pink iPlay Tie-dye Rashguard Set to review. I must say that I was excited that the set came with a cloth diaper instead of a diaper cover. I like how soft the fabric is on Sweet Peas skin. The swim set is made up of a stretchy, water-friendly Nylon/Lycra. The Pink Tie-dye Set top has short sleeves and shirred ties on the sides and the bottom is a reusable swimming diaper with matching ties. The Blue Tie-dye Set top also has short sleeves and a matching reusable swimming diaper. The reusable swim diaper is snug fitting around the legs and waist.  I like not having to worry about the suns ray soaking through Sweet Peas swim suit and causing her skin damage that we are unaware of. I was also fond of the swim diaper and how it has the three layers to help keep the wetness in and away from the babies skin.

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