Monday, September 5, 2011

Sea Squirts/Opa Cove - Life Jacket Review

Opa Coves mission is "To enhance family life and create products that foster family interaction, children's safety and fun." This mission is something that they take very seriously! To them nothing is more important than a child's well-being. But most of the current water safety products out on the market are boring and uncomortable for kids. How the company came up with the name Opa Cove I think is awesome! The word "Opa" us what ancient Greek Mariners yelled when they were having a good time. And "Cove" is because the best place to swim is in a sheltered cove. So good times and safe harbor.

Here is Pumpkin sporting the Pink Dolphin Vest...Yes I did have my son wear a pink vest; but hey it was good luck check out his catch... :-) These vest are made with durable neoprene with tech fabric liner. They are nice and comfy against the kids  skin. They qalifly as a ski vest or wake-boarding vest as well. They also have a good warmth layer built in. They are sturdy, and have a flexible fin that can be gripped to aid in water rescue, and lies flat against the back for comfortable sitting in chairs and on boats. They have heavy duty plastic zippers and buckles. Designed with choice of three sizes for optimum fit (so the strap between child’s legs doesn’t have to be too tight.) These vests are U.S. Coast Guard certified.

This is the only life jacket that Pumpkin hasn't complained about wearing. The other life jackets we own he is always complaining that they hurt his legs or are to small and the next size is to big. :-( Pumpkin also had fun wearing the life jacket just around the house playing. He would put it on and start running around the house saying he was a shark and pretending to get The imgination kids have gotta love it.

Sea Squirts come in several designs: Clownfish, Great White Shark, Pink Dolphin, Blue Dolphin, and Killa Whale. Sea Squirts Life Jackets: MSRP $69.95 — Street $49.95. Available at or buy on Amazon


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