Monday, September 12, 2011

Seems like Forever

Seems like it has been forever since I have posted a just because post on here. Well lots has been going on where to even start?? The kids have started back to school Bubba is in first grade and Pumpkin is in Pre-K three days a week. It is nice having some Momma and Sweet Pea time which allows me to get errands and cleaning done a lot easier. We now have another member in our household; my brother in laws fiance now lives with us and we are trying to help her finish High School.

Bubba and Pumpkin entered stuff in one of the local fairs here and walked away quite a few ribbons.
Bubba got a Blue Ribbon for his vase he made at school, A Ferris wheel he made out of Tinker Toys and his Gem Mining Collection. He also got several Green Participant Ribbons for his Drawings and Paintings.
Pumpkin got a Blue Ribbon for his Gladioli, Green Beans and a Red Second Place ribbon for his Matchbox Cars set. He also got several Green Participant Ribbons for his Drawings and Paintings. So Proud of my boys. Dennis also won a coloring contest at our County's Fair for 4-H and got invited to a opening ceremony at the fair and was presented with a gift bag and had his picture on the cover of the 4-H Horse Clubs Program. So very proud of my little guys. I was unable to attend the ceremony with Bubba because my back went out and I ended up with a horrible kidney infection the day before the ceremony. :-( I was not happy and had to make a trip to the hospital to get a couple of shots in the bum so I was unable to walk very well for a few days.

I am still fighting the kidney infection because the bacteria in my system only can be taken care of with a few medications and since I am nursing Sweet Pea they can only give me a few that take longer to work. I feel like its never gonna go away...

Oh and pets how I love my pets EXCEPT one... This new cat is about to find her way outside or a new home!! I have never seen a cat eat like she does. She always is hunger and going after any food she can; which I know is typically a sign of worms but we have had her de-wormed or so we thought. She tore into a whole bag of hot dog buns today and ate them and then turned around and tore into my loaf of bread. Needless to say FREE CAT please come and get her before she ends up outside...

End of story I need a Getaway to be able to recoup and recover....

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