Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zooper Waltz Review

So as a mom of three I'm constantly on the go... I swear I'm even on the go in my sleep or at least it seems like it. We have several strollers around and they all seem like a royal pain in the butt to use. One is hard to open because you have to push a button while twisting the handle at the same time took me and the hubby 20 minutes and a phone call to open it for the first time... Another that is nice and easy to open but has no lock to keep it closed so not good for storing and was heavy for me to lift. Then we have our sit in and stand which is nice depending on where we are going and what we are doing. So what we were needing was a good single stroller that was easy to open, folded up and locked for easy storage and wasn't heavy because I have a bad back and can't lift to much.

Want to turn heads at the playground or mall then you NEED a Zooper Waltz stroller!  I get asked about it at all time when I have it out and hear a lot how people never had a stroller like that when they had  I received the Canyon Red color that is pictured above, but it is also available in Wild Peach, Wild Green, Butterfly Purple, Flax Brown, Jungle Earth, Mountain Flowers, Ocean Blue, Star Black, and Amber Yellow.  All of the color and print choices are just absolutely gorgeous and so vibrant. Once you get past the beauty of the stroller there are so many awesome features that make the Zooper stand out above all the rest out there currently.

Every Zooper stroller’s frame is made of lightweight durable aluminum – the Waltz only weighs 18.8 pounds!  It is also very easy to fold the Zooper for storage purposes.  Once folded down it can be stored standing up and there is a convenient carrying handle on the side which makes moving it and loading it in and out of a car a sinche.
I must say that I am in love with the all purpose canopy which functions as a UV net, sunshade, and rain cover all in one. The foot muff is awesome to have when the weather starts to turn cold because you don’t have to worry about blankets getting dropped, dirty and forgotten. Another feature that I like is the Infant Safety Enclosure because you can make a nice enclosure where your infant can sleep and you son't have to worry about them slipping out. Storage is a big another big issue when it comes to strollers! As most moms do I need somewhere to put shopping bags, blankets, diaper bags, wallet, cell phone, keys, and more… I am so happy that Zooper comes through for having awesome storage space! 

Though I am in love with my Zooper Waltz there are a couple things I would love to see added….. The first is more cup holders.  It does come with one cup holder which attaches to the side of the stroller, but many times Jake and I are together on our outings and we each have a beverage and only room to carry one.  The second thing is that I would like the seat cover to be removeable for washing.  Since Sweet Pea is little we still get the occassional leaking diaper so it would be nice to be able to wash the cover instead of just wipe it off with a rag.  Other wise this stroller has everything I could ever ask for.  Have you fallen in love with the Zooper Waltz too?  Well if so you can purchase one for $298 and it is available at quite a few online retailers.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed with a Zooper stroller!


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