Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Activate Water Review

I am not one who is big on taking vitamins or even drinking water. I have always wanted some kind of flavor in whatever it is that I am drinking. Lately I have been drinking more water but I have to have lemon in it once again I need flavor. Well let me introduce you to a new kind of water that has recently came out Activate Water. Did you know that vitamins and other healthy ingredients lose potency sitting in water? Activate water has found a way to stop drowning the vitamins in drinks. By storing the active ingredients inside their unique, patented cap, separate from the water, ACTIVATE’s vitamins stay fresh, potent and offer a convenient way to get a healthy dose of the nutrients your body needs.

I was hesitant at first to try this water since one I'm not a big fan of water and two I didn't understand how you could keep the vitamins in the cap. Well I was pleasantly surprised. The water looks almost like juice after you release the vitamins into it. I really enjoyed it and I loved the fruit punch flavor I'd have to say its my favorite.

I'd like to tell you about this great idea that Activate had and tried out. So here is a question for you. Would you pedal an exercise bike for a thirty seconds if it meant you would get a drink for free? Well Activate decided to try just that... Passersby's pedaled an exercise bike attached to the vending machine for thirty seconds to release a free bottle of ACTIVATE. 1,250 bottles were distributed, the retail value of which will donated to Nourish America in support of nutrition for pregnant women. The final donation amount totaled $2,240.
How would you like to try some Activate? Then simply follow this link and get your coupons today...


  1. What a cool idea! I'm going to have to try it! Getting my coupon...

  2. That is an AWESOME idea!
    Thanks for sharing Activate, I've never heard of it.

  3. Nice content and idea. And that's a nice vending machine.