Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight:

If your like most people with the economy lately going out to eat is a once in awhile thing. It is just to expensive to take a family out to a nice dinner anymore and truthfully even out for fast food. That's where comes in. You are able to buy local restaurant gift certificates at a fraction of the normal cost and best part the print them at home so no waiting for them to come in the mail.

I was tickled when agreed to allow me to do a review of a $25 Gift Certificate and give one away as well. I am one who loves to go out to eat and lately its not something that we do. With having a family of 4.5 (since Sweet Pea is just starting to eat table foods I won't count her as a whole) it gets to be expensive to go out to eat. One way we have found to cut cost and save bringing home a ton of leftovers is by having the boys spilt a meal.

But still with the holidays coming up and money being tight why not consider buying gift certificates at a discounted price. So that way you save money, get your gifts bought all from the comfort of your home. No standing in big lines and having to deal with finding a parking spot or your way through a big crowd.

A great program that is doing that starts tomorrow is there

 Feed It Forward Program:
What is it?
Feed It Forward is there holiday giving celebration, founded to revive the gift of giving after the economy crashed in 2008. From November 17th to New Year’s Day, consumers can give FREE $10 gift certificates to anyone. There’s no catch or gimmick. It’s free to give and free to receive. Feed It Forward encourages everyone to experience the gift of giving, regardless of economic circumstances. They believe giving lift spirits, spreads joy and strengthens community.

How does it work?
Consumers can give up to 40 FREE $10 gift certificates per day during the duration of the program. The giving can be done through Facebook or the Feed it Forward site.

Want to win your own $25 Gift Certificate to along with some other great prizes go here and now...

I was not paid in any way to give this review or giveaway. The review item was sent to me free of charge. All opinions are mine and my childrens alone. I try to be honest and fair when giving a review.  

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  1. Thanks for the tip! The FI and I will have to check this site out, we're long overdue for a date night!