Monday, December 12, 2011

Earth Mama Angel Baby Review

I have been trying to use more natural and organic products with my family lately. With all my children and myself having sensitive skin I need to. All the chemicals and fragrances in most soaps and lotions bother us. So I was happy to find a wonderful company that is geared toward bringing safe organic items to the whole family. Let me introduce you to Earth Mama Angel Baby.

They have some wonderful items for moms and babies as well. When you think of your babies do you think of using harsh chemicals on them? Probably not but you probably do not realize what all is in the products that you are using on them everyday. I know I sure didn't think about it I assumed it's for babies it would be pure and natural right?

Well with Earth Mama Angel Baby their products are just that Naturally made so NO harsh chemicals are going on you or your little Angel! I know that I can not be with Bubba and Pumpkin when they are at school so I have no control over what soaps and products they use. That's why I was happy when Earth Mama Angel Baby sent me their travel sizes of their different Hand to Toe Wash's to review. I like the travel sizes because I keep one in my purse for when were out and about and need to wash our hands. I have also sent one to school with Pumpkin for him to use at bathroom breaks.

I like that I can give Pumpkin something safe and natural to use while I am not with him and I can count on his teacher letting him use it as well. I love that when looking at the list of ingredients in these hand to toe washes I can pronounce everything in them and that it is all organic. So once again NO harsh chemicals going on my family's skin!!

I would definitely recommend you looking into Earth Mama Angel Baby for your families needs. They have so many different wonderful items make sure you stop by their website and check out everything that they offer to help keep your family Natural, Organic and Chemical Free...

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