Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pure Pearls Review

If you are like me you love jewelry and love receiving it as well. But with the economy the way it is lately it is hard to afford it. Even for special occasions I typically do not ask for jewelry because there are other things I could use. Well with that said let me introduce you to Pure Pearls. Pure Pearls is a wonderful company that sells beautiful pearl jewelry!! They have every type of pearl and color that you could wish for.

I got the chance to receive a beautiful pair of fresh water pearl earrings from Pure Pearls to review. Pearls are one thing that I have been wanting since my father in law bought my mother in law a beautiful set for their anniversary a few years ago. So I was super happy to be receiving a pair of my own to review. The nice thing about Pure Pearls is every pearl they sell comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I was so excited when I received the earrings in the mail that I tore into the package right away it was like Christmas morning and I was a little kid again. Silly I know but when it comes to jewelry wouldn't you feel like a kid on Christmas morning or on your birthday?

I loved how beautiful these earrings are and they are cheaply made or looking either. I have sensitive skin so one thing I worry about is the metal on the earrings affecting my skin and the posts on these earrings did not do that at all. I also really liked that they were not to big and overbearing for my small ear lobes.
Make sure you stop by there site and see all the wonderful pearl pieces that Pure Pearls offer. They would make some great gifts for that special occasion!!

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