Monday, January 30, 2012

ABE Sponsor Spotlight: Natural House


When you think of probiotics you think of yogurt and what you need to keep your insides healthy. But what about using probiotics for cleaning? Natural House probiotic cleaning products brings you a new way of cleaning the most dirty areas of your home! By utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough to be used for commercial clean-up, yet still safe and gentle enough to be used around all of the members of your Home.

how it works

As you know I have been trying to find ways to replace harsh chemical cleaners in my home, and the Natural House product line is perfect for just that.

First off let me talk to you about “Sinky.” I am not a fan of doing dishes, and while I work hard to keep my sink clean. Dishes seem to sit in our sink just a little too long sometimes, which makes things really start to stink up. Especially when it seems that no one knows how to rinse a dish other then me.
Placing one of the little Sinky packets down the drain really seems to make a difference whenever it seems like it's time to freshen-up. Sinky is especially useful for who have garbage disposals, because those can get pretty nasty quick. I love thinking about how there is little probiotic guys down there eating away at the stinky germs.

Next lets talk about “Trashy”. Trashy is for use on your garbage cans and diaper pails. Plastic containers seem to always develop nasty orders and breed germs, so by spraying Trashy into your garbage cans it will help keep all the germs away! I’ve been using this on our diaper pail mostly. I have noticed that the room is no longer contastly smelling like wet diapers since i've been using the Trashy on the pail.

The last Natural House product i'd like to tell you about is “Flushy” a toilet bowl, drain and septic cleaner all in one. It does an awesome job at cutting through stains and the hard water rings that the toliet gets. Though we don't have a septic tank it is nice to know that the probiotics will help keep our sewer lines cleaned. 
You are able to purchase Natural House products directly from their website, or through Amazon. Each product is $4.99 for a 30-day supply, which I think is a great deal for natural, safe cleaning products!


  1. I would really love to go more natural and never have any idea how to do it! I think replacing the chemicals I use around the house would be a start!

  2. i Loved using the Sinky ... I have tried these products before and loved them! The trashy works well, especially since i never know what my lil guy is going to throw away in the garbage until it starts to smell!

  3. We need Trashy! The kids always miss the bag (which is securely on the can, so weird)