Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lucky Clover St Patty's Event - Blogger Sign-Ups

Trista from Andersons Angels & Courtney from Joy Of Momma Joyner are excited to host a FUN blog hop event called Lucky Clover St Patrick's Event! It will run from 12:01am EST Saturday March 17, 2012 through 11:59pm EST Friday March 23, 2012. It's super easy to join in on the fun!

Rules to Participate: 
  • You must get at least a $25 prize/package together to be given away during the event. It can be ANYTHING!  (Ideas: All Green Things, "Green" Living, St Patrick's Day, Lucky Items, Spring Fun, etc.)
  • You must display the event button in your sidebar from now until the event ends
  • Participation is completely FREE! All you have to do is make sure the button is on your blog side bar, and write a post encouraging other bloggers to join in the fun! Put the link to the blog post in the form.
  • If you would like to participate in a GRAND PRIZE CASH GIVEAWAY, you can send $5 (gift) to via PayPal. This will get you TWO social media entry options! (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, GFC, Pinterest, Klout, etc.) The GRAND PRIZE CASH value will be determined when we know how many people are going to participate in that part of the giveaway. The GRAND PRIZE CASH GIVEAWAY will be hosted on Anderson's Angels and Joy Of Momma Joyner. We ask that you refer your readers to either of those two sites to enter the CASH GIVEAWAY!
If you have any questions feel free to email Trista at or Courtney at

You will definitely want to join us in this FUN Event! But you've got to HURRY! Sign-ups will end as soon as there are 75 blogs participating OR by March 10, 2012! Your spot on the Linky will be determined by how soon you fill out the form. We are so excited to spread the LUCK together! Don't forget, once you have your blog post up, fill out THIS FORM and put the link to your post in that form.

Lucky Clover

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*Feel free to use the information in this blog post in your own posts about this event!*

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baconery Review & Giveaway

One thing that my family loves is bacon. We usually go through a pack anytime we cook some and we usually still don't have enough. I was very intrigued when I came across the Baconery. I mean the idea of using bacon in your everyday favorite goodies just made me very curious and I had to try them.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

SpermCheck Fertility Review & Giveaway

Are you considering starting your family soon or possibly adding a new addition to your family? Have you had problems trying conceive in the past or are struggling to conceive right now? When we started our family we weren't really trying to start Bubba was a oops. Then when he was 2 we decided we wanted another little one it took us 4 months of trying to get Pumpkin. Then when Pumpkin turned 2 we decided we wanted to start trying again and it took us a year to get pregnant with Sweet Pea. I have wondered many times if I was the cause of the delays in conceiving or was it maybe my husband's sperm just weren't a high count?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Memories Review & Giveaway

I was recently contacted by My Memories about doing a giveaway and review of their digital scrapbooking software, I jumped at the opportunity! I had heard good things about it from other bloggers and wanted to check it out. I was also excited about being able to give the software away to one of my awesome follower's! I have been wanting to start scrapbooking but didn't seem to have the time so I was hoping this program would make it fast and fun.

Guess what it did!!

Valentine's Day 2012

My Valentine's Day Weekend 2012

For several weeks I hinted that I wanted Chocolate Covered Strawberries this year for Valentine's Day. I know it doesn't take much to please me... Well I got them 2 pounds of them :-) yepp I was a very happy girl... I also got a beautiful blue topaz necklace and earring set. I am one lucky girl not only do I have a hubby that thinks the world of me but three great kids as well.

I didn't buy my hubby anything for Valentine's Day instead I made him his favorite meal Beef Tips over Noodles with Garlic Bread. Then the kids and I surprised him with a DQ ice cream cake.

Not only did we celebrate Valentine's Day but also Sweet Pea's first birthday!! She turned 1 on the 10th... I can not believe a year has passed since I brought that beautiful little girl into this world... She has been a real blessing to our family and we just love her to pieces!!

I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Valentine's too!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All For Love Event

Welcome to the ALL FOR LOVE EVENT  hosted by Real Mom Reviews and Mama Chocolate! This event features 50+ blogs each with $25 or more in prizes in each package. I have two packages up for grabs one for the adults and one for the kids!! Be sure to go through the linky below and enter for your chance to win! This event will close on February 7th at Midnight EST. Good Luck!

Monday, February 6, 2012

All4Love Sponsor Spotlight: Corkcicle

One thing that my hubby and I enjoy doing on occasions is enjoying a nice bottle of wine. We are very lucky to also have several great local wineries around us too. One thing that always bothered me with the wine was one we opened it there was no easy way to keep it at a nice temperature. If we put it in a ice bucket it would get way to cold and if we left it just sit out it would get warm and we wouldn't want to drink it.

Well thanks to Corkcicle too cold or warm wine is no longer a problem in our house! This is one of the best thought up ideas I have seen in a long time! The corkcicle looks like a large icicle that is placed in your wine to keep it at the perfect temperature.

My husband have fallen in love with this product and also shared it with my in-laws who are also big fans of wine. This is a must have item if you like to drink wine. It also would make a great wedding or anniversary gift!! This would be great to take with you in the summer if you would want to surprise your honey with a romantic picnic or even just a romantic dinner.

Make sure you stop by their website and order yours today!! This is a must have for any wine lover...

All4Love Sponsor Spotlight: Earth Grown Crayons

Do your kids love to color? Bubba and Pumpkin do and we also like to have coloring contest in our house. I found that doing the coloring contest is a great way to spend family time and the kids love it!! I was happy to finally find some natural crayons. Let me introduce you to Earth Grown Crayons...

Earth Grown Crayons are handmade, biodegradable and Eco friendly soy crayons shaped in designs that celebrate this earth's wonderful treasures. These natural nontoxic soy wax crayons have a frosty matte appearance to them that goes away when held in a warm hand.

Soy crayons glide on smoothly creating a creamy texture while you color. Leaving behind a beautiful picture. I know when I color I like bright beautiful colors not dull. That's what we got with these crayons bright beautiful colors. The only I disliked about these crayons is how small they were. I would like to see them be just a little bigger, I think that would make easier for smaller toddler hands to use.

(That is a Nintendo DS game to show the size of the crayons)

These crayons would make a great gift for a child's birthday or to put in a goodie basket. You know Easter is right around the corner these would make a great item to add to your kid's Easter Baskets. Stop by their website and check out all the different designs available, and pick some up today.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Avoiding April Showers Giveaway Event

I am super excited to say that I now have the whole month of April booked with Event Giveaways!!! So there will be lots of great prize packages coming your way so keep your eyes peeled!!! Also if you are a fellow blogger i'd like you to pay attention to this post as well as my previous one!! This another great event looking for bloggers!!

Avoiding April Showers is a Giveaway Hop being hosted by Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink, Seeds of Life and Taking Time for Mommy, & and the little ones too! It runs from April 16 – 30. 

It is easy to join if you are a blogger! All you have to do is, either create a blog post telling other bloggers about this event OR pay a $5 administration fee to as a gift. If you don't want to send it as a gift just add 50 cents. So there is NO FEE to sign up as long as you create a blog post about the event. Do not delete the blog post.  

And last but not least: This event is limited to 150 blogs so enter as early as you can. Now go fill out the form and have fun!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

ABE Sponsor Spotlight: Relish Meal Planning

One thing that I have started to do lately is trying to plan my meals out more. I have noticed that when I do this it helps me save on my grocery bill. Which is always a plus because then I have a little extra to spend on getting special little goodies for the kids.

I had heard about several didn't meal planning sites while talking with friends online and decided to check a few of them out. One of the ones suggested to me was Relish! I like how they not only help me plan my meals weekly but also generate my shopping list for what I'll need.

How Does This Work Exactly you ask...
1. Go in and Pick the meals you'd like for the week.
2. Print off your shopping list.
3. Go shopping and buy what you need.
4. Cook up some awesome meals for you and your family!! 
They also feature great articles, party/theme menus and tons of creative and realistic recipes. You are also able to add your own meals and recipes as well!!

What Kind of Recipes do they have??
Let's see in one word Delicious!! The recipes look awesome, are very easy to put together and pretty quick to make as well. On a plus note, there are kid-friendly options, vegetarian alternatives and low- calorie meal options as well!

How Easy Is The Shopping List to Use?
Once you have picked all your meals, the site will generate a shopping list for you. The best part is that the shopping list is put together according to most stores layouts. There is also a column with items that are commonly in most kitchens like spices and condiments.

Have you ever used Relish or do you use Relish? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it... If you have never tried Relish stop by their website and use the code ANGELS to receive 20% off the sign up fee!!