Thursday, February 2, 2012

ABE Sponsor Spotlight: Relish Meal Planning

One thing that I have started to do lately is trying to plan my meals out more. I have noticed that when I do this it helps me save on my grocery bill. Which is always a plus because then I have a little extra to spend on getting special little goodies for the kids.

I had heard about several didn't meal planning sites while talking with friends online and decided to check a few of them out. One of the ones suggested to me was Relish! I like how they not only help me plan my meals weekly but also generate my shopping list for what I'll need.

How Does This Work Exactly you ask...
1. Go in and Pick the meals you'd like for the week.
2. Print off your shopping list.
3. Go shopping and buy what you need.
4. Cook up some awesome meals for you and your family!! 
They also feature great articles, party/theme menus and tons of creative and realistic recipes. You are also able to add your own meals and recipes as well!!

What Kind of Recipes do they have??
Let's see in one word Delicious!! The recipes look awesome, are very easy to put together and pretty quick to make as well. On a plus note, there are kid-friendly options, vegetarian alternatives and low- calorie meal options as well!

How Easy Is The Shopping List to Use?
Once you have picked all your meals, the site will generate a shopping list for you. The best part is that the shopping list is put together according to most stores layouts. There is also a column with items that are commonly in most kitchens like spices and condiments.

Have you ever used Relish or do you use Relish? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it... If you have never tried Relish stop by their website and use the code ANGELS to receive 20% off the sign up fee!!


  1. I love anything that makes my life easier and more organized. This sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds awesome! I'm about to start Nutrisystem but am definitely bookmarking this site for when I go back to real menu plans!

  3. I will def have to try this website. Thanks!