Wednesday, May 9, 2012


With summer right around the corner and the kids getting ready to get out of school it's time to start planning your family holidays. What will you be doing this year going to the beach, camping, disney or staying local? We try to take our kids to the beach every other year and this year is a beach year for us. We have recently started having my in-laws go with us as well so it's an extended family vacation for us. This year we are doing a two for one trip not only are we going to the beach but we will be camping on the beach as well. The kids are very excited about this trip and we hear almost everyday do we go to Myrtle Beach today?

I think I am just as excited because I have never been camping in my life. Yes you read that right I have never been camping. My in-laws take the boys camping each year but wanted to start the tradition of camping at beach this year to help save money. So I would love to hear what my awesome followers have planned for this summer. Also what will you be doing to help save money while your on your family holidays?


  1. We haven't panned anything this year, but I'd like to go camping!

  2. You've never been camping? This is the summer to get it done!! Not any big plans yet, but the summer is only just getting here!