Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Day At Kennywood

We recently took the kids over to Kennywood to spend the day. It is just a short drive from our home in Ohio over to this great park in PA. This was the boys second trip to Kennywood and Sweet Pea's first and everyone seemed to have their favorite rides. I love that Kennywood is geared toward family fun. Other theme parks have just a tiny kids area with only a few things for them to ride or play on. That is not the case at all in Kennywood. We spent the whole day in the kids area and only left it when we were getting ready to leave.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tired of Cable

With the price of everything going up lately due to the economy how do you know if you are getting the best price and deals? There are not many options out there for cable but with the few there are you will want to make sure you are getting the best deal. One way to make sure you are getting the best deal is to shop around when buying. I know my in-laws have gotten rid of time warner and went with Direct TV because it was cheaper and they still could get all the channels they enjoy. They also have the DVR which allows them to record the kids favorite shows so they can watch them when they go up and stay.

So if you are tired of the high cable prices lately then make sure you check out all the specials that Direct TV cable is currently running. You may be able to help your family by cutting cable prices and still get all the same great channels at no extra costs. Plus they also have free installation which is great for those of us that are not tech savvy. Plus you do not have to buy the DVR or remotes and you are able to lock in savings for 2 years.

Car Insurance

We all know we need car insurance at all times. But how do we know if we are getting the best rates? With all the different companies out there how do you make a good choice of which one is best for you? Just by going with the lowest price does not necessarily mean you will be getting the best coverage for your money. Also what about some of the extra perks some companies offer with their coverage like roadside assistance at no additional cost? You want to make sure that you get the best deal and coverage for the money you are spending each month to keep you and your vehicle insured.

If you are in the market for car insurance or would like to just check and see if you could get a better rate then you will want to compare discount auto insurance rates online. By comparing the rates online you are able to see more than one company’s rates at a time helping you to make a more informative decision. You should also be able to see if the company has any added perks like the free roadside assistance, 24 hour customer service, or local agencies.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: SunBaby Diapers

I would like to introduce you to another wonderful diaper company that I have gotten the privilege to review for the Flufftastic Summer Celebration Event...SunBaby... I was very excited when I learned that I would get to review their Pocket Diaper. Lately Sweet Pea is soaking her diapers unless I stuff them really well and I can only stuff a pocket diapers so they are quickly becoming my favorites.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: MommySoup

I would like to introduce you to another wonderful Momma made cloth diaper that I have gotten the privilege to review for the Flufftastic Summer Celebration Event...MommySoup... I was very excited when I learned that I would get to review one of their diapers because she is fairly new. I love the big company diapers but I LOVE the handmade mommy diapers much better. I feel that they are made with more Love then a machine can produce.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Smart Snugs Cloth Diapers

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful cloth diaper company that I have gotten the privilege to work with for the Flufftastic Summer Celebration Event...Smart Snugs... I was very excited when I learned that I would get to review their Bamboo Charcoal Stay-Dry Pocket Diaper. Lately it seems like Sweet Pea is soaking her diapers no matter what I do so I was hoping that the Stay-Dry diaper would work a little better and guess what NO Leaks!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012 Review & Giveaway

One thing that I love is purses. I love to have options and to be able to switch my purse around with my mood or what's going on. I am however not a fan of gigantic or tiny purses. I am a mom so I need to be able to carry stuff with me without feeling like I am carrying a diaper bag with me at all times. When first offered me the opportunity to review a purse I almost passed it up. I looked at my options and none of them caught my fancy.  But I finally decided on the Trisha Medium Purse in Chocolate and when it arrived I was in love with this purse. I quickly learned do not judge a book by it's cover.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spice Up Your Weekend

Eden Cafe
*Links in the following post go to a page meant for adults only. 18+ beyond this point only, please!*

Jake and I recently had our 7 year wedding anniversary. We had reservations at a local Bed & Breakfast that we had stayed at before. This time it was not as nice or enjoyable so we are doing a do-over trip coming up in September. But not only was the trip not so fun but it seems like we have gotten into a boring rut in our relationship lately.

So I was thinking of trying to find something that could maybe help spice things up between us. Since we have the do-over anniversary trip coming up I started looking around to see if I could something to aid in this. I came across this great Weekender Kit and am really looking into getting it for our trip.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

VeggieTales The Penniless Princess Review & Giveaway

I am so very excited to be able to bring you the newest VeggieTales movie "The Penniless Princess". I personally have not watched this movie but my children and their fellow church classmates did this review. Every fifth Sunday is our children's service at our church well this past one our pastor ended up being out sick so there was nothing planned. I by chance had the movie with me because I had been speaking with the head of our children's church about it. So the children got treated to a movie for their Sunday and they were all super excited about it as well.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Since I have decided to home school Bubba I know there a lot of things I will get to learn about as well with him. Not only will I get to learn about new things but also refresh my skills that I have not used in a long time. It is so easy to forget how to do some simple things when you don't use the skills in your everyday routine. Like last year for example I was helping one of Bubba's friends with their homework because the mom was unsure of what to do or how to help the child.

I would have to say that one thing I am really looking forward to is learning more about other countries and their holidays. For example we may be studying eypt holidays for one of his lessons in social studies. I love learning about other countries and their customs and holidays. I find it very interesting to see how our customs and holidays differ from other countries. I love to find ways to incorporate other countries customs and holidays into my family's daily calendar when we are talking about them. Like one major holiday that we do celebrate from another country every year and talk about is Cinco de Mayo.

Does your family study other countries customs and holidays? If so do you try to find a way to work some of their customs into your daily routine when talking to your children about the holidays?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saving on Insurance

Are you looking for ways to save on your insurance? Ever wonder why your rates seem to decrease typically as you get older? I know I have wondered this and never really understood it. I guess the insurance companies feel that you are not as much of a risk the older you are. But one thing is for sure, you need to have auto insurance at all times. Did you know that accident rates drop significantly after 9 years of driving? Insurance companies know that fact.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flufftastic Summer Celebration Event:


It's Here!!!
Flufftastic Summer Celebration is here and is hosted by Mama on a Green Mission or Eco Baby Mama Drama. There are a ton of great blogs involved in this great giveaway each with some sort of a fluffy prize pack valued at $30 or more! There is also a Grand Prize that is sponsored by Lotus Bumz, Rinse Hopper, 7 A.M. Enfant, BabyLegs, Wooly Rounds and Mama on a Green Mission and is valued at over $400.  This grand prize package is a great start for anyone or a great addition to the cloth diapering addict’s stash! You can enter the Grand Prize by following this link: Eco Baby Mama Drama.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall Into Fall Sponsors

I will be posting my Sponsors for the Fall Into Fall Event here along with any discounts being given.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Trying To Finish Our Family

One thing Jake and I both have wanted is a big family and too most that's what we have right now with 3 children. But to us 3 children is not a large family 4 or more children is a large family. So we have been trying to conceive baby # 4 with no luck. I would love to have 6 but my body is telling me that the next should be my last. I have had 3 c-sections so far and had a hard recovery after Sweet Pea.

Since we have been trying to conceive I have tried several different things with no luck so far. We have tried a "trying to conceive kit", "sperm check kit" and a "fertility monitor". Well from using the Sperm check we were able to rule out that Jake was the problem causing us not to be able to conceive easily. So it's something in my body that is causing us all the problems.

So I started thinking about it and more and started wondering if the foods and drinks I put in my body could be causing the problems. So I started doing some research and found out that what I am eating and drinking could be a big part of why were having problems. I never realized how consuming caffeine could cause infertility but it can. So my goal is to limit myself to 1 soda a day and replace the rest of the soda I normally drink with either lemonade or some sort of caffeine-free soda.

So hopefully after changing my diet and drinking habits I will be able to announce soon that we are expecting our fourth child...

Halloween Blooog Hop: Blogger Sign Ups


I am excited to announce the team up of Andersons Angels and Joy of Momma Joyner to bring you a FUN blog hop called the Halloween Blooog Hop!  It will run from 12:01am EST Monday October 8, 2012 through 11:59pm EST Sunday October 14, 2012. It's super easy to join in on the fun of getting ready for Halloween!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fall Into Fall Blogger Sign Ups


I am excited to announce the team up of Andersons Angels and The More The Merrier  to bring you a FUN blog hop called Fall Into Fall! It will run from 12:01am EST Monday September 17, 2012 through 11:59pm EST Sunday September 23, 2012. It's super easy to join in on the fun of getting ready for the Fall Season!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Back 2 School Bash: $50 +


Welcome to the Back2School Bash!! This event is hosted by Andersons Angels,  MomVantage, Mommy of One and Counting & Joy of Momma Joyner. This Event features everything under the sun you’ll need to send your kiddos Back to School. Be sure to visit each blog from the linky below and enter for your chance to win some really amazing prizes! You will also want to make sure you enter the Grand Prize Drawing for your chance at $30 Paypal Cash!! You can enter the Grand Prize Drawing on any of the host's pages listed above!!This event will end on August 12th at 11:59pm EST.

Sponsor Spotlight: The Shimmering Lion Studio

After all the school shopping is done and you checked all your lists twice to make sure you didn't forget anything then it's time to start labeling. I know that my hand use to get tired from writing Bubba's name on all his supplies. I also hated how on certain things the name would instantly smear and the link would get on something else or me.

Sponsor Spotlight: RoseArt

With all the school supply lists sent out I am sure that you are looking at it going what in the world... It seems like those lists get longer and longer each year and with the economy in such poor shape many are struggling with getting their children's needed supplies. But one way to help save on the cost of school supplies is by getting RoseArt over the more expensive brands.

Sponsor Spotlight: Welch's Fruit Snacks

It's that time get the kiddos ready to head back to school. There is so much to do to get them ready with all the school supply and clothes shopping. But what about their lunch's what will you be packing? I hardly ever packed Bubba a lunch because what he would want to take would not stay fresh until lunch time. He has never been a fan of pb & j sandwich's so packing him a lunch was challenging.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Choose To Reuse Giveaway Hop

Choose To Reuse

Thank you for joining us for The Choose To Reuse Giveaway Hop! This wonderful event is hosted by The Organic TimesHappy Mothering & Earth Faerie Momma. There are 35 blogs participating and each one of them has a giveaway worth $25 or more. This event will end Friday, August 17th at 11:59pm EST. After you enter my giveaway be sure to hop on over to the other blogs!