Monday, October 15, 2012


So every night Jake tells me Goodnight and that he Loves Me! But lately I have been bugging him and asking him "WHY" does he love me and the answer "Because Your You" doesn't cut it for me. I wanted to hear WHY. So today my wonderful husband Jake sends me this...
"Why do I Love You? Because you are you! This simple statement could be confused for a quick, insincere answer, but it is actually quite complicated. You're you. That's why I Love You. So what does that mean? Who are you to me?

You are the Light of my life, the Mother of my children, and my best friend! Before I met you, I was lost. I was living life day-to-day without much meaning or focus. Then when I met you, my life changed forever. At that point, I met my soul mate. The one person I was waiting for all my life. The one person my world revolves around. My dark-haired, blue-eyed dream come true.

You are my everything, the rock I build my life around, the one I cling to when things get me down. You always know how to bring a smile to my face, and when I’m not near you, you’re the one I want to embrace.

My Love for you grows stronger with every passing day. To put it into words often leaves me at a dismay. Don’t let that discourage you though, the next time you ask me why. Just remember dear, My words are sincere, when I say I Love You because you are you!"
I cried... I always knew that he loved me but sometimes a girl just wants to hear it....

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