Thursday, November 8, 2012

Love of Music

dance music

One thing my family really loves is music! We are not picky music listeners either, we like songs from almost all the genres. We love to put music on while we are cleaning the house I have found that it helps motivate me to get the work done. I also love having music on and dancing with my kids in the kitchen and living room. I used to dance with them when they were little and not feeling well to get them to go to sleep. I can not tell you how many nights and times I did this, but it is a great memory that I have and cherish.

With all the modern updates with music availability we hardly ever go to a store and buy music anymore. Instead Jake usually just does music downloads to get us the new music we are wanting. We love to keep up with the new music and have our favorites on hand to listen to while we are cleaning or dancing around the house. I am so happy that you are able to easily get your favorite songs off the computer instead of having to go to the store and buy a CD for just 1 or 2 songs.

How do you get your music? Do you still go to the store and buy the CD's or have you jumped on the music download bandwagon like so many others? I would love to hear your thoughts on downloading music. Do you think it's safe? Why or why not?

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  1. We never buy in the store anymore, now little treats and rewards come in the form of Itunes gift cards (we mainly use our ipods for music). I think it is very safe to download paid music from a trusted site. You t5ake a risk elsewhere though.