Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Send Gift Baskets for the Holidays with 15% Off Coupon Code!

Now that Thanksgiving has arrived! It's time to start thinking about those gift baskets that need to be sent out for Christmas and what's better than doing it with 15% OFF from Gift BasketsPlus?

If you've never browsed around at - then you need to head there NOW! They have an array and great selection of baskets to choose from!

Check out all the food baskets they currently have available:
Food & Drink Gift Baskets
Gourmet Gift Baskets
Wine Gift Baskets
Coffee & Tea Gift Baskets
Fruit Gift Baskets
Candy Gift Baskets
Chocolate Gift Baskets
Kosher Gift Baskets
Cookie Gift Baskets
Cheese & Meat Gift Baskets
Beer Gift Baskets
Snack Gift Baskets
Organic Gift Baskets

Then they also have your speciality baskets for special occasions like: get well, thank you, birthday, baby, pets and so much more! They also have baskets for all the different Holidays like: Easter, Hanukkah, Valentine's and Mothers Day just to name a few! The selection is amazing and there is something for everyone!
That is enough for every occasion you could possibly think of other then Christmas time! Do you want to know what I would like? Chocolate!
Gift Baskets Plus

I might have to find a reason to send myself one of these great baskets!
The awesome folks at are alsooffering all my readers a


Just use the code:
15OFF to get your discount!

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  1. Godiva is my favorite chocolate and I'm embarrassed to say I had no idea they sold so many varieties of gift baskets. These are perfect as Christmas gifts!!