Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Heart For God

As most of you know I am homeschooling Bubba this year. Well today I decided to sit down and work on his yearbook form while he was doing some independent work. There were several questions for the kids to answer and I want to tell you about two of Bubba's responses to these questions.
Question 1: Who do you admire the most:
Response: Jesus

Question 2: Why do you admire this person:
Response: because he died on the cross for us.
There are so many day that my husband and I sit here after the kids go to bed feeling like we are failing as parents, but today Bubba reassured me that we are obviously doing something right. I love this boy and his heart for God. He is always talking about how he wants to be like Pastor Ken from my in-laws church and I love that at such a young age he has a drive for the Lord. I can not wait to see how the Lord will use this boy in the future to do his work.


  1. Makes you feel good doesn't it? He'll do great things.

  2. Very sweet :) and it's apparent that y'all are doing a great job raising him!

  3. LOVE that song! And good job! You obviously ARE doing something right, you must be so proud of him!

  4. he had the best answers! :D You are doing a great job!