Thursday, January 3, 2013

It Begins

Our journey to a healthier lifestyle has begun. Yesterday Jake and I went grocery shopping which included a dinner list for the week. I am doing weekly meal plans which will mean more trips to the store but I think it will be worth it since I am only wanting to use fresh ingredients. I was so proud of myself that I did not load up the cart with all my normal canned veggies instead all fresh. A few times Jake asked what it was that I was getting because he wasn't use to seeing the fresh herbs I got. I am so excited about this change for my family. I feel that it will be a good one and it will not only help us feel better but will also help with the management of Bubba's ADHD.

I am hoping that the change in our eating habits will also help with Jake and I trying to conceive our fourth and most likely last child. There are several changes coming to our household this year just when they will occur I am unsure of. But I feel that the Lord will lead us in the right direction and help us through all that lies ahead. How are your goals/resolutions coming along so far this year?? I would love to hear about them...

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