Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Glass Water Bottle

With the New Year came new goals for myself. One of those goals was eating healthier but one major part to that also is what I drink. I have always been a big soda drinker and I think that is partially because I was born addicted to it. Yes you read that I right born addicted to Pepsi to be exact. So if you have read my Fitness Friday post then you know I am trying to cut out soda and I have switched to caffeine free. I would like to drink more water but have never been a big fan of it unless I can add some kind of flavoring. 

I was very excited when I got the chance to review the Libre Thermal Double Walled Glass and Polycarbonate Water Bottle with Stainless Steel Tea Filter. Though I do not drink tea I thought this bottle would be good for me because I can squeeze fresh lemon into and the stainless steel filter will catch any seeds so I don't have to try and fish them out of my water. I am a huge fan of fresh lemon water so with this Glass Water Bottle I can easily have it without the seeds. 

I am in love with how beautiful this bottle is. Just look at how Ornately decorated the lid is. I really like how the Libre polycarbonate and glass beverage bottles are a smart way to enjoy hot tea without the waste of paper cups and tea bags. The lightweight exterior is more durable than an all-glass version which makes it ideal for traveling as well as at home or the office. The wide-mouth bottle can be used for hot or cold drinks because there is plenty of room to add ice. The double-wall insulation helps keep your beverages at the ideal temperatures. 

Great features of this bottle:
  • All-in-one tea infuser & travel mug
  • Built-in stainless steel mesh filter makes loose-leaf tea without wasteful bags
  • BPA-free, lead-free glass interior
  • Durable polycarbonate exterior
  • Double-wall construction keeps beverages hot for an hour
  • No chemical leaching and no metallic taste
  • Safe for hot & cold drinks
  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning

I have a feeling once my mom gets back from Florida she will be trying to take this bottle from me. She is a very big tea drinker and I am sure that she will be in love with this bottle when she sees it. I love that the bottle is not that much bigger then a can of soda. I can easily drink a can of soda so I shouldn't have a problem getting some water down if I stick to using this bottle. If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful water bottles you can do so on the's website for $24.95 or you can enter for your chance to win one here on my blog by simpling following the link below. Make sure you stop by and visit on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with all their great products and promotions.

Enter Here to Win a Libre Water Bottle!!


  1. I try and re-use items as much as possible. Aside from being good for the environment, it is good for my pocketbook and my health. I find that I am more likely to drink more water if I bring it with me... if not I forget and either go without or drink a sprite. Haven't heard of this particular company before. Thanks!

  2. Oh I like that and I think my hubby would too. He drinks lots of teas (I don't) but I love that you can reuse the bottle!

  3. I have a Libre Tea Bottle too, and absolutely love it! I'm not a big water drinker, but gave up alot of caffeine too. I drink green tea now, from my Libre bottle!

  4. That looks great!!! I love reusable items! Any idea how many ounces it holds? Thanks for the review!

  5. I think I would like this! It would be great to travel with in the car and I especially like that you can use it with hot or cold liquids!

  6. What a great idea to use it to squeeze lemon in. I find I drink a lot more water if it has a splash of lemon!

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