Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Visit From Fairy Hobmother

I am so excited to announce that while out making his rounds recently the Fairy Hobmother stopped by my blog!! I have been hoping he would stop by again!!

I was so excited that I had some help with my laundry while he was here visiting...

But he didn't seem to mind helping out because he left me an awesome gift and
He’s not finished yet!

If you are a blogger, then leave me a comment below and maybe he will visit you too! Be sure to leave your email or a link to your blog so he can contact you if he stops by!


  1. Awesome! He is a welcome guest at my blog. I'd love a visit.

  2. I am so glad you had help with your laundry! I need the Fairy Hobmother to come and visit me @JubileeReviews
    melanieinoh2003 @ Yahoo dot com

    I know he would love to help my blog out and share with all of my readers at!

  3. That's awesome that he stopped by and helped you while he was there!! I always welcome guests at my place:

  4. Oooooh! I want a visit!!! You're so lucky!

  5. Wow,I could have used a little help with laundry today! Between my house and my guys - we had about 5 Loads!
    Its always nice to get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother ..
    he's always welcome to visit

  6. Does the Fairy Hobmother fly to North Dakota or is it too cold?? Here's my info, I guess we will find out! :)

  7. I was just at the laundry mat today. Maybe he can visit to save me from going again ;)

  8. While I do know that the Fairy Hobmother is magnificent, I did not know he helped with laundry! I just want him to know that my laundry is done, so he wouldn't have to worry about that if he decides to stop by!! LOL.

  9. How fun! And laundry help?? Yes please! But... If not, I'd love a visit! :)