Thursday, February 7, 2013

From Pea to Pumpkin Review

Do you have a little pea growing inside your body or are you planning on adding a pumpkin to your group in the future? If so then you will want to check out this great Pregnancy Journal by Geralyn Murray that will be available at Babies R Us starting in March. 

I have to say that I wish I would of had one of these journals when I was pregnant with my children. I love all the fun little facts in this journal and it makes a wonderful keepsake that you can give your little one when they are older. I love that there is are places to add pictures throughout the journal. I also like the Q&A sections for each week.

I really like how they show the growth of your little one each week with a new fruit or vegetable depending on the size for the week. I like that you are keeping a weekly journal instead of a monthly which I feel you could easily forget something that you wanted to add; or a daily journal which gets to be to time consuming and then if you forget a day you feel like you have failed and our way behind then.

I can't wait till Jake and I are expecting our next little and I get to fill out this wonderful journal. If you want to have one of these great journals for yourself or to give to a friend that is expecting you will be able to pick up a copy at your local Babies 'R' Us or you can pre-order a copy today by following this link. Also anyone who pre-orders From Pea to Pumpkin between 2/4 - 2/28 will receive a $10 promo code for The Gift of Education, an online gift registry for educational funds.


  1. I LOVE that, I kept a pregnancy journal with all of my pregnancies and I really loved it!

  2. That is such an awesome idea! I tried to keep a journal on my own when pregnant, but never kept up with it. This would be so much better and it is so cute, too, which means it would be the perfect keepsake for our own children one day. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll definitely get one for my next pregnancy!

  3. That's cute! I never had anything like this when I was pregnant, you always see the baby books, but never one for pregnancy.