Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: EdenFantasys'

Eden Cafe

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The first sponsor for the It's Your Love Event is EdenFantasys'. 


I got to review the Happily Ever After Whipped Body Creme from EdenFantasys'. When I picked the body creme I was expecting to get a small jar of creme but I was pleasantly surprised by it's size when it arrived. I was also worried about how strong the scent would be and if it would bother my asthma. I must say that at first I did not like the strong scent. It smelt like Honeysuckle to much for my taste, but after I applied it; it smelt more like grapefruit which smelled very good. 

I really like how rich and creamy this body creme is. When I opened it; it looked like cool whip and feels like satin. I like that it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily either but instead nice and smooth. I hate when I put on lotion and my hands feel greasy and oily afterwards. I love having soft and smooth skin but with winter here my skin is very rough and dry at the moment. 

If you are looking for a great body moisturizer I would really recommend checking out the Happily Ever After Whipped Body Creme from EdenFantasys'.  I love getting products that are Made in the USA, paraben free and that have not been tested on animals. You can pick a jar of this creme on EdenFantasys' website for $21.99 or you can enter and try to win one in my It's Your Love Giveaway. Follow the link below to enter the giveaway...


Mimi B said...

That creme sounds like it would be amazing! I'm SO glad it didn't affect your asthma. I know an asthma attack can happen at any time so being able to use this creme and not have it affect you is great! I also like that the scent isn't over whelming! =)

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

I have the same issues, I can't have a strong scent because of my asthma but that is hard to come by these days. Thanks for the review, I should check this out.

Laura Grace Andry said...

My skin is so dry right now! I am applying lotion like crazy. Ian need to give this a try.

Kay Maher said...

This looks really good. I love body butters. I have so many already, but I really want to try this one!

Whitney J. said...

I could definitely use a good moisturizer these days! This cold weather is making my skin super dry.