Thursday, August 1, 2013

National Breastfeeding Month

August is National Breastfeeding Month!! Which is very fitting because breastfeeding is once again gaining favor and popularity in new moms as the preferred method of feeding their newborn babies. 

Breastfeeding is a personal choice that all mothers make and this trend is very healthy because breastfeeding provides so many benefits to both the mother and her baby. Chicago Healers Practitioner Dr. Marilyn Mitchell, MD, provides us with some of the benefits to breastfeeding.

  • Nutrients and Enzymes- Babies who are breastfeed take in nutrients and enzymes that are perfectly proportioned for a human infant. Bottled milk comes from cows or soy and lacks the perfect blend of nutrients that human milk provides for babies.
  • Supplemented Immune System - Breast milk also transmits antibodies from the mother to the baby, which are especially vital during the first few months of life when the babies immune system is immature and lacks the ability to produce its own antibodies.
  • Healthier Life - Babies who brestfeed generally have fewer illnesses during the time they are breastfeed than those who are bottle-fed and develop fewer allergies in their lifetime. Breastfed babies also tend to have less colic, fewer restless episodes and better sleep patterns than bottle-fed infants.
  • Helps Mom, Too - Breastfeeding increases metabolism, which helps with postpartum weight loss. It also helps with mother-child bonding due to the mutually pleasurable experience.

It is also smart for new moms to be aware of what they consume while breastfeeding, as it can affect their baby. Here is a list of some things to up intake and things to avoid:

Do Eat:
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (organic when possible)
  • Protein sources (organic when possible)
  • 8-12 glasses of water, juice, herbal teas
  • Calcium rich foods (dairy, greens, legumes)
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated beverages and all soda pop
  • Foods that bother the baby (spices for some)
  • Preservatives

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  1. Sometimes it isn't a choice. My son couldn't latch and got dehydrated. I wanted to breastfeed but couldn't :-(. I pumped for 6 weeks until I ran out.

  2. Susan I understand completely. I was not able to breastfeed Pumpkin very long either.

  3. That is amazing data. Much obliged for sharing.