Thursday, October 3, 2013

Drawing with Mark DVD Review & Giveaway

Does your child like to draw and be artistic? I know Bubba does and he is good at it which I think he gets from my mom who is awesome at art! I actually have a painting my mom did on a piece of slate off of my great grandma's barn roof hanging up in Sweet Peas bedroom. I have always enjoyed art and love that my children do as well! I think it is an important thing for all children to get the opportunity to explore art in some form. I always take any opportunity I have to incorporate art into what my family is doing. While on vacation we take shells that we find and make pictures with them as well as build sandcastles all different forms of art that the kids enjoy!

I was happy when I was offered the opportunity to review a Drawing with Mark DVD. I thought that this DVD would be something that the boys would enjoy watching and learning from. This DVD is geared for ages 5 and up! Each DVD comes with two 30 minute episodes on it. The episodes include a "field trip" to a cool location along with TWO drawing lessons, colorful animation, fun facts, suggested reading lists and much more. The DVD that I received had episodes "We ALL SCREAM for ICE CREAM" and "HAPPY TAILS". The kids really enjoyed these two episodes since they featured ice cream and pets two of my children's favorite things. 
  • Drawing with Mark was awarded a Parents' Choice Award and a Creative Child Magazine Award!
  • Drawing with Mark is a National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 2013 Emmy nominee in the Children's/Youth category in the Boston/New England area!
  • Drawing with Mark is a Dr. Toy winner for "best vacation" product.
  • Reinforced learning - Mark Marderosian teaches children of all ages to draw in simple step-by-step instructions. The use of repetition and imagination helps reinforce these critical early childhood educational fundamentals.
  • Participation is encouraged. Children are taught to draw shapes, parallel lines, shading, dimensions, stick figures and action lines.
  • The series takes fun and cool field trips where children learn interesting fun facts, trivia and suggested reading books about the solar system, dinosaurs and pet care, etc.
  • Imagination is encouraged!
  • No silly baby talk.
  •  Mark Marderosian's teaching style is inviting, warm and extraordinarily nurturing. His soft spoken demeanor is similar to Mr. Rogers. 
These DVD's would make a great stocking stuffer or present for that child in your life that loves or has an interest in drawing! There are currently 2 Drawing with Mark DVD's that will both be released on October 8, 2013. 

I have been lucky enough to also get the great opportunity to offer my lucky readers a chance in winning 1 of these great DVD's as well!! All you have to do is simply fill out the form below...


  1. stephanie mcfarlandOctober 3, 2013 at 2:10 PM

    would love to win for my son!

  2. This would be for my son who loves to draw!

  3. I would give it to my daughter. She loves to draw. Thanks for the chance!

  4. my niece would love this. thankyou, ken

  5. My oldest granddaughter loves to draw, she would enjoy this.
    Dawn Monroe

  6. Both of my boys love to draw! This would be great for all of us (yes, I love to sketch, and could always use the practice!)

  7. I got two granddaughters who are homeschooled and I think that they would love this and it would be great for them

  8. I would like to win this for my cousin's son

  9. I would love for my grandson to have this .

  10. I would love to win it for me and my son. (I need a lot of help with learning to draw).

  11. I would love to win this for my Step Daughter. She loves to draw and I think she would enjoy this a lot.

  12. I think my niece would really enjoy this.
    Michelle Tucker

  13. I would love to win this for my sons (ages 8 and 12).