Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Adventure Tinkerbell costumes *Review*

Have your children decided what they want to dress up as yet for Halloween? I know my children have I think they start planning it as soon as school starts up in September. This year I decided to have Sweet Pea dress up as her favorite Disney character Tinkerbell. I was so excited when I found a super cute Tinkerbell costume on Halloween Adventure's website. 

As you can easily see from the picture above we had a variety of characters this Halloween. Bubba wanted to be Captain America, while Pumpkin had to be a Ninja and then Sweet Pea was Tinkerbell. I tried so hard to get the boys to dress up as Captain Hook and Peter Pan but it just didn't fly with them. Maybe next year I can get all of the kids in one theme for costumes.

I was really impressed with Sweet Pea's Tinkerbell costume. Most of the costumes I found was only parts and pieces but not the whole costume. The costume I received from Halloween Adventure was the dress and the fairy wings. It was cold on the day the kids went trick or treating so we put a shirt and stocking under Sweet Pea's costume. I have to stay that Sweet Pea makes the perfect little Tinkerbell!

If you are looking for a great place to get your kids Halloween costumes then I would highly recommend checking out Halloween Adventure's website. They have costumes for the whole family so you can get all your costumes in one easy online stop!

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