Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pregnancy Journal: Week 34

I can't believe that I am 34 weeks only 4-6 more weeks until I meet this baby!!  Which also means there are 8 weeks and 6 days until Christmas!!

How Far Along -  
34 Weeks Pregnant (34 weeks 0 days) 

Due Date - 
December 12th, 2013 

Scheduled C-Section
December 5th, 2013

Boy or Girl - 
Unknown - this is our surprise baby :-) Though some have said BOY others GIRL but only God knows as of now :-) I had a dream the other night and it was clear as day that the baby was a Boy so we shall see...

Bump Picture -  

Baby Development - 
Baby's fat layers which help regulate body temperature once baby is born are filling out, making baby rounder. Baby's skin is also smoother than ever. Baby's central nervous system is maturing and it's lungs are continuing to mature as well.

Symptoms -  
Not hungry at all because there is no room left it seems and when I do eat I get nausea :-( 

Current Cravings -  

Currently Avoiding - 
I am still avoiding doughnuts and orange juice both give me a very bad upset stomach. 

Belly Button Status -  
It's sticking out...

Movement -  
Baby is moving a lot now and is very active! 

Any Appointments? -  
No appointments this week...

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  1. Ahhh! Look at that baby bump! I cant believe its sooo close! :D just over a month! :D Cant wait to meet him/her

  2. Oh my gosh, how has the time gone so fast?! So sad you're not hungry since there's no room left. You're so adorable! Definitely all baby!

  3. Love that bump! I have avoided orange juice my first trimester with all of my pregnancies, it was just too acidic. But after 1st trimester it became a craving.

  4. OMGosh a cantaloupe!?! Wow! You look great though... it's almost time :)

  5. It's going so fast. I'm thinking boy. Can't wait to find out.