Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Dead Down Wind

If you are a hunter or know someone who likes to hunt then you know that a major thing for them is making sure their clothes are scent free. One thing that I have worried about big time since Jake started hunting is if I am getting his clothes scent free. Since most laundry soaps and dryer sheets all have fragrances added to them you cannot use them while washing your hunting clothing.  With that said I would like to introduce you to a great company that I have gotten the pleasure to work with Dead down Wind.

Dead down Wind is a company that makes scent blockers that are used for hunting. I must say that this company has taken a big load off of me. Now that I have the Dead down Wind’s Triple Action Laundry soap I no longer have to worry if I got Jake’s clothes completely scent free and since I don’t use dryer sheets I have no more worries. I really like that this soap is bio-engineered to be the most effective detergent for all hunting apparel including wool and carbon. The exclusive formula eliminates odors and unclogs carbon molecules, and will never cause camouflage patterns to fade, even after repeated washings and has a UV inhibitor.

We also received Dead down Wind’s Rinse Free Body & Hair Wash which is great for when Jake is down at the hunting cabin with my dad because there is no running water. This rinse free biodegradable formula is ready to use right out of the bottle. Absolutely no water is required to use this wash! Just Wash and Towel dry and you’re ready to get back out in the woods and back to hunting.

Along with the laundry soap, the rinse free body & hair wash we also got the boot and storage powder. Even though Jake’s feet do not typically sweat we all know when wearing extra heavy clothing you do tend to sweat more. This is where this powder comes in handy. Did you know that we each have 250,000 sweat pores in each foot? That’s 500,000 reasons to have this great product! Foot odor is commonly caused by bre-bacteria. The use of powder in footwear, gloves, clothing storage containers or anywhere you want to control moisture that is conductive to odor causing bacteria. This powder keeps working while in a storage container and brushes right off when you are headed into the woods.

How would you like to add these 3 great products to your laundry room to help with all your hunting laundry needs? If so then make sure you stop by the HuntersGiveaway 2 and enter to win!!


  1. The body and hair wash sounds great! Perfect for someone whos in the woods for a weekend or longer

  2. My BIL is a hunter, he would probably love this stuff!

  3. These sound like great products. Hunting is tricky. If the wind is blowing the right direction, the deer can smell you, and if they smell you, you'll never see them. I'm going to check into these products for my husband.

  4. Definitely great products for hunters! I'll have to tell my family about these!

  5. My husband would definitely be interested in these products!

  6. Great information! Your blog is the first one I look for in my inbox everyday. Love this new series.