Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Traveling Around the World

Are you planning on traveling out of the country soon? There are many things to get ready when planning to travel out of the country. But what happens when you run into translation problems where do you turn for help?  Were you aware that there are translation agencies out there that can help you?  I know that I was not aware that such agencies existed until recently.

Now that I am aware of these agencies I am not so concerned about trying to travel out of country. I have always worried that I would miss a very important piece of information due to lack of correct translations on websites.  I would love for Jake and I to go out of the country for one of our upcoming anniversaries possibly our 10 year one! I have also been invited to go along with some mission teams on upcoming trips. So now that I know I don't have the translation barrier blocking us me I may very well look into doing some traveling. 

Have you ever traveled out of the country? If so what was the hardest part to overcome? Would you use a translation agency if you ever travel out of the country again?

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