Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ani-Mates *Review*

I am sure that most of you know that my family is religious and we attend church. My husband even works in the ministry currently. I really want my children to know the stories of the Lord and how to show his love to others. Bubba, Pumpkin and Sweet Pea are all at the age of being able to attend Junior Church and Sunday School at our church. When I was recently contacted to do a review of the Ani-Mates I was immediately intrigued and I said yes without a doubt.

When I received the package I was very impressed by the new friend my children was getting. I am sure you are wondering what are Ani-Mates? Ani-Mates are very cute stuffed animals that come to life to tell bible stories. There is currently a bear and puppy available. Each animal is preloaded with 35 bible stories and songs, that is over an hour long. All you have to do is press the foot and the story begins playing. You are able to skip to the next story if you want and there is also a pause button. 

As the story is being told the bear or puppy moves its mouth as if it is the one telling the story. You are even able to hook it up to your smart phone and have someone call and read your child a bedtime story using the Ani-Mates as your speaker. There are even apps that you can add to your phone for more visual and audio fun. You are able to also record a short message for the bear or puppy to say each time it is turned on. Ani-Mates also have the ability for your child to plug in their own headphones and listen to the stories without disturbing others. 

I am sure that this bear is going to be a huge hit with my kids this Christmas. My children love listening to stories especially ones about our Lord. I am sure that the Ani-Mates would make a great gift for that special little one in your life!


  1. LOVE these! We read Bible stories to my kids, but this would be a fun alternative, as well as a way to occupy them when we aren't able to read to them. I love the puppy dog one!
    Thanks so much for sharing!! Will look into this!

  2. This is such a sweet idea. My son LOVES stuffed animals that talk!