Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Delicious Dish Tuesday: Broccoli Sausage Alfredo w/ Goat Cheese

Full Time Mama

Welcome to another week of Delicious Dish Tuesday... This week I am sharing my Broccoli Sausage Alfredo w/ Goat Cheese recipe with you.... I hope you enjoy it as much as my family did... Also make sure you stop by the host's pages to see the great recipes they are showing and their favorite picks from last weeks recipes submitted Amanda of Coping with Frugality and Alesha of Full Time Mama... 
This recipe is yummy I hope you enjoy it!!

What You Need:
1 head of Broccoli
4 Spinach & White Cheddar Chicken Sausage links
1 jar of Light Alfredo Sauce
1 box of your favorite pasta
crumbled goat cheese
What You Do:
Cook pasta according to directions on package. While pasta is cooking cut the broccoli into florets and steam them. Cut the sausage links into pieces and add them to the sauce in a pan to warm the sauce once the pasta  is done drain and return to pan. Add the steamed broccoli and warmed sauce to pasta and mix. Once it's all mixed put on plates and top with goat cheese. 



  1. OH this looks so delicious!! Ok, it's time for lunch! I'm going to try this recipe soon though!

  2. That looks really yummy! I would have to do regular sausage, if the lil guy saw there was anything else in the sausage, he'd flip out! lol :D

  3. That sounds YUMMY! I never thought to add sausage to a broccoli Alfredo!

  4. I've never had goat cheese IN a recipe, only on it's own and I didn't like it. However, some things just taste better in something rather than on their own. I'd totally try this out, it looks tasty!
    Thanks for linking up to DDT!

  5. That looks delicious! I've never had goat cheese before. I love almost anything alfredo so I have a feeling this would go over very well on my taste buds. lol