Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good News Thursday

Welcome to Good News Thursday!! 

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Good News!! 

A friend of our family has a friend who's 2-year old granddaughter swallowed a small battery the other day. The doctors tried to extubate the little girl, but were unsuccessful due to damage to her vocal chords from the battery acid. She is unable to move air through her upper airway. This has now turned into a much longer recovery process that includes a minimum of another week on the ventilator then a possible trach tube. As you can imagine the whole family is in shock from the news and devastating developments. Right now the little girl has a paralyzed vocal chord, she can't breathe on her own, of course no eating because her esophagus has been eroded.

The little girl has been taken OFF the ventilator and she was able to breathe on her own and has been ever since! But there was some paralysis of the vocal chords and the Worst Thing she was in a catatonic state. She just stared and showed NO recognition of anyone. No facial expression what-so-ever. This went on from 1/22 through 1/25. They were running all sorts of brain tests, and they feared post traumatic stress, which could have meant she might have stayed  that way forever. But on the morning of 1/25 SHE CAME OUT OF IT! She woke up and called out for her brother. She can only speak in a whisper, but she recognizes her Mommy and Daddy!

Though the little girl is doing better please keep this family in your prayers as this little girl continues down the road to recovery!!

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  1. Batteries have always been a very dangerous thing for children. I agree they need to be kept away from small children, and older children need to be taught how dangerous they are. Children's toys that use batteries need to have a secured battery chamber that has a screwed on lid so children cannot get to them.

  2. OMGosh PRAISE GOD!! So glad to hear she's doing better!! I will keep the family in my prayers for sure. I wrote a post about kids swallowing batteries, the little circle batteries are really bad too. Great news for this family and looking forward to hearing the update!

  3. What a scary situation, but a wonderful blessing she has received in spite of the tragedy!

  4. Oh wow that is scary! I am so happy that things are moving in the right direction for this family.

  5. Praise God that she is doing better! I hate button batteries, seriously I do not allow them in my house! These stories have freaked me out too much!