Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good News Thursday

Welcome to Good News Thursday!! 

This will be a weekly meme being hosted by The More The Merrier, Joy of Momma Joyner and I where you link up and join in on writing about something good that has happened during the week. We would like it if you could stop by some of the other blogs as well and read about their good news as well and comment. Make sure you grab the button to add to your post as well the code is below.  

Good News!

My good news for this week is just simply that my family is healthy and doing well. I know it doesn't seem like much but with it being February and living in Ohio it is a good thing. With all the colds and flus going around I am happy to have a healthy family! Also Sweet Pea will be turning 3 on Monday!! So we will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday with family and friends!!

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  1. To me, a well family is WONDERFUL news! I hate when mine are sick, and with the craziness of the weather lately, it seems everyone is sick!

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