Friday, March 28, 2014

Home Renovations

Recently Jake and I have started thinking more about starting some home renovations. One major thing we would like to do is the bathroom. We both have similar ideas for our dream bathroom. To full fill this dream it will require us putting in a new bath tub one Jake can fit in with his broad shoulders and also some new bath side panel. Our bathroom is in major need of some updating. 

We know that our dream bathroom will take a while to be all put together and perfect since we will be doing it little by little. But I would rather us take our time and do the bathroom exactly right the first time so we don't have a ton of sloppy work that needs redone. We will be doing the work in our bathroom ourselves instead of hiring someone to do the work. Lucky for me my father in law built his house so he is very handy and resourceful when it comes to doing handy work. 

What are some home renovations that you are planning on doing soon? Will you be doing these improvements yourself or hiring someone to come in and do the work?


  1. Ahh! I can't wait to OWN my home so I can do some remodeling!

  2. We just redid one of the bedrooms to transform it into a nursery. Other than that - We are actually looking at having new carpet put down (someone will come in and do) and re-tile our dinning room... It's quite outdated. That's a project that the hubby is talking about doing himself.

  3. I have wallpaper to put up in our living room. We need a little more work done in the master bath, and some in the second bath. Ahhh, once you start it seems you can never completely finish!