Saturday, May 31, 2014

Family Day at Cedar Point

Recently the kids and I had our first trip ever to Cedar Point! What a fun family day we ended up having! This was the first theme park in Ohio that my children have visited and my first trip to Cedar Point. I have never been a person who rode the rides so I didn't go to theme parks growing up. My children however are a lot like their dad and love riding on the rides.

Seeing how I have never been a fan of rides especially roller coasters Bubba took it upon himself to get me on at least one roller coaster with him. He succeed and got me on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride and afterwards his dad got me on the Gemini. I no longer trust Jake's judgement and I will not get on anymore roller coasters with him.

My mother in law and Brother in law join us on this fun trip. They kids loved having their Nana and Uncle Jesse with them. It also helped Jake and I out because each kid had a buddy so we knew no one would get lost or left behind somehow. We always do buddy system with the kids when we go to big parks or events because it's just to easy for a little one to slip off unnoticed. 

My family had a wonderful trip to Cedar Point and the kids have been asking to go back ever since we left. I loved all the different kid areas they have. I also was very impressed with how clean the park was kept. I can not wait to take the kids back and make more great memories with them. I think the boys won't forget that the first time they went to Cedar Point dinosaurs had taken it over. 

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  1. What a fun time! Bonus points that the park was nice and clean, too!