Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why have I been MISSING??

I am sure most of you are wondering why there has been very few posts going up lately. I am behind on what needs to be posted but I have refocused my direction since getting back from a Women's Retreat. I have been more focused on my family and my walk with the Lord. I am not blogging at night and because of it I am behind but I feel that my family and the Lord should come first and I had lost sight of that. 

Now instead of turning the TV on for the kids to get lost in so I can blog we are outside playing as a family and enjoying each other. I plan on getting back to blogging and getting everything caught up during the day while the girls are resting. But don't fear I will be back soon and bringing you some great reviews and giveaways... 

1 comment:

  1. Well, I for one, totally understand. I have been trying to back off at night and on weekends as well. God comes first, but I feel I need to share Him more online, so, I'm making that a priority as well. If I can't get it done in the day, it's too much and I need to back off! LOL! Do what you need to do for you and your family Trista!