Thursday, June 19, 2014

All You Need Is Less

Have you been trying to find a way to leave less of a carbon print on the Earth? Are you trying to find ways to help your family be more eco-friendly? Then I have a wonderful book I would like to tell you about called "all you need is less". This book is the eco-friendly guide to guilt-free green living and stress-free simplicity.

There are ten great chapters in this book:
Food & Drink
Health & Wellness

There is a Make It section in each chapter that gives you recipes and directions on how to make eco-friendly things for your house. Not only will making your home more eco-friendly help the environment but it will also help your wallet. So its a Win-Win in my opinion. There are also quick tips all throughout the book that I have found very helpful and resourceful. 

Think about the money you could save by making your own flea spray, wheat kitty litter, diaper rash cream, massage oil, weed killer, a pesticide-free garden, body scrubs and many more things. These are just a few of the recipes inside this wonderful book. What a great and easy way to remove the toxins from your house and your family's lives. 

What are some ways you have found to help your family a more eco-friendly lifestyle? How would you like to win a copy of this great book for yourself or for a person you know could use it? Then simply fill out the form below...


  1. I think I would like Home and Health & Wellness chapters the best... but honestly, I'm eager to read the whole thing! :) As for how we try to live a more "green" life, we make a lot of our own home/body cleaners... try to buy from local farmers or organic... buy our meat locally (who is grass-fed)... and grow our own garden :)

  2. I think I'd like to read the gardening chapter first. We love a good garden! What is my family doing to live more 'green'? We recycle, grow some of our own veggies,and buy local fruits and veggies. We use products that are earth friendly and/or recycled, with as little packaging as possible.