Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kiss That Itch Goodbye

I am not sure about you but I hate when I have an itch caused by a bug bite, allergic reaction, winter itch and other skin related problems. My children are just like me and the mosquitoes are instantly attracted to them when they are outside. With that said we usually get a ton of mosquito bites throughout the summer and do a lot of itching. After Bubba came back from summer camp the poor boy was covered in mosquito bites. Luckily I had Kiss my itch goodbye to help relieve his itching.

I really like using natural products on my children. I hate when I buy something and can not read all the ingredients listed on the bottle. That is not the case with Kiss my itch goodbye you can read and know what each ingredient that is in the bottle. We all know that we as people deal with itches but so does a lot of our furry friends. I know both my dogs each allergies which cause them to itch and there is not much you can do to help soothe them. But Kiss my itch goodbye also has a line of products for pets as well to help with their itching.

Though Kiss my itch goodbye is a natural product it is only recommended for use on children ages 2 and older under the supervision of an adult. There is no scents added to Kiss my itch goodbye products, but if you want a scent you could easily add some essential oils to give it a scent. If you buy directly from the website you will receive FREE SHIPPING within the US Only. 


  1. I don't do natural products nearly as much as I should. This would be great to use on my boys, for sure! We haven't run into a lot of bug bites at our house, but my boyfriend and his kids seem to be eaten constantly. This is something they need. =)

  2. Oh we need this! My hubby and one of my kids are so allergic to mosquito bites! This is perfect and I love that it is not full of chemicals!

  3. I have used this product and it really works! Works on burns too!
    They have a promotional code right now that offers 10% off with the code MOM. They do free shipping too!
    We love it at my house!