Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meet Stephanie

When I first started writing this blog I could have never dreamed that I would one day be swamped with product reviews and other opportunities that I just couldn't handle it all myself. Over the past couple years Andersons Angels has really started to take off. Over the past few months I have become overwhelmed with blog work and medical conditions that have arose so I have decided to add a contributor to my blog to help ease my workload. And so today I am very excited to introduce you to a lovely lady that I am very excited to be working with to bring my readers even more awesome reviews.

Stephanie is the Shipping/Receiving Clerk at a local Tractor Supply Company. She is also a mom to 3 little boys, ages 9, 4 and 2 months old. She is married to her best friend in life, Josh. Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family. Stephanie and Josh enjoy riding their motorcycle together and sharing their love of the outdoors with the boys. Stephanie loves to read and take the boys fishing when time allows.

It was very hard for me to pick someone that I would share my blog with, but I know without a doubt that I have picked the right woman for the job. And so from here on out when you are reading a post look below the title and you will be able to see who wrote it or you can look for a button like the one posted above to see who wrote the post.

So Please join me in welcoming Stephanie to the Andersons Angels family where she will be helping Mama Anderson review awesome stuff for you!