Monday, October 27, 2014

Power of Faith

Just How Powerful is Faith?

Faith is the one thing that strengthens people above all else. It gives the weak the will to fight, the down-trodden a way to seek a way back to the light and the lost a way to find their shepherd once more. It's the one thing that can help so many people in this world to cultivate an environment where one person really reaches out and helps another. The faith that there is a greater purpose above all else is something that can provide answers and comfort where conventional science fails to do so.

To understand how powerful the simple idea of faith is, it's imperative that you first understand why people need to believe in something higher than themselves.

Why Believe?

There are so many questions that seem without answers and so many situations that seem to have no purpose. It can cause the average person to dismay and to despair because the explanations needed for these events are seemingly just a hair's breadth from the person's grasp.

Faith is the thing that can bridge that immeasurably small or infinitely vast distance. It can provide the answer to "How?" and "Why?" when you look and pray hard enough. It can even give you the motivation you need to continue and other things you need to overcome extraordinary circumstances.

Simply having faith is enough to begin watering the garden of well-wishes that make this world a more beautiful place to live in. It can give people a reason for peace, the desire to work together and the strength to overcome hardships and differences for a common purpose. Faith is that powerful.

Like a Candle's Flame

The most interesting thing about faith is that it starts out tiny. It flickers. It seems like it will only last a few seconds before something as weak as a mild gust will blow it out forever. It's when you foster it in the right environment that faith grows strong and becomes something you can use to light your way.

Congregations like the one following prominent shepherds like Ed Young Jr. provide the perfect environment to foster faith. Not only do they provide you with guidance from a strong spiritual leader, but they also have the kind of support that can help you through the most trying of times. This can keep the flame of faith alive so that you can nurture it to grow even stronger. Once you accomplish this, you can continue to build upon it while making this world an even better place.

When you attain this point, you can then give back by helping other people establish their faith. Even simple things, like being there to provide support or a smile, can be enough to give other people the hope they need.

Faith Spreads Like a Wild Flame

When the right people spread it, faith can move across people like a wildfire. It can do everything from helping one senior individual with a chronic illness find a smile to revitalizing whole communities. It's so powerful that it was one of the ingredients essential to helping people after events like Hurricane Katrina.

Fostering faith is as simple as finding somewhere to worship, to believe and to aid other people. You can find a greater purpose by simply believing in something greater than yourself. 


  1. Faith is a powerful thing. It's too bad there are so many who don't believe.

  2. My faith is what gets me through the hard and trying times. It gives me hope and something to believe in. I wouldn't be who I am today without my faith.

  3. I'm not sure where I'd be without my faith. It's carried me through so many situations I couldn't list them all. Thankful to be in a faith-filled church. Such a blessing!