Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DK Books! Giving Thanks Spotlight!

One thing that I love is books about nutrition and health. I love reading and learning about ways that I can easily make my family healthier. I also love adding new books to my kids library and I must say they have a lot of books. But I do not feel that having to many books is a bad thing for kids. Recently I received to great books from DK Books to add to my collection and the kids.

I received the Complete Family Nutrition book along with the Frozen 'The Essential Collection. I am so excited about the Complete Family Nutrition book because it has sections about ways to boost energy, balanced diets, healthy weight and much more. This book has so many different hidden jewels I like to call them throughout the book.

 A few of the jewels I have found are:
5 ways to eat less salt
ways to help children's weight
food for period pain
great recipes

If you have a little girl then I am sure she is just as in love with the movie Frozen as Sweet Pea is. I can not wait to give her Frozen "The Essential Collection for Christmas. Sweet Pea is a big fan of Anna and loves anything that has to do with Anna. 

This collection contains:
A Sing-Along Clip from "Let It Go"
Two books
All the lyrics
150 stickers

DK Books has a wide variety of different books to choose from. Like books for adults, children and eye witness travel guides. If you have a book lover in your home or maybe someone who is passionate about a certain subject I am sure you can find a book for it at DK Books. 


  1. DK Publishing has such a great variety of books for the entire family. I've noticed many of the books on our bookshelves are published by them. I enjoy reading nutrition books and collect recipe books. My son, Liam, is a HUGE Frozen fan and would definitely get a kick out of this book and all the extras that come with it. Santa might have to bring this for him. Thanks for sharing!

  2. DK Publishing has books that last through generations. My boys are older and I have book from then they were little! Yes, I kept them. I never thought about ones geared towards adults!

  3. We have a lot of books from DK Publishing as well. They have great books. I have so many books they are starting to take over!

  4. Wow that Frozen book would be a HUGE hit with my girls!!