Monday, December 8, 2014

Roaming Reindeer! Holiday Gift Sponsor - Giveaway

 Most people you talk to have an Elf on the Shelf. Im sure im not alone when I say that I tend to forget to move the elf each night. I told my boys that the Elf on the Shelf is taking a break this year and the roaming Reindeer are coming to visit. The roaming Reindeer are brought to help Santa Claus keep track and monitor the good boys and girls. The Roaming Reindeer come with 2 reindeer and a book to explain their purpose. It tells you how Santa gets busy and can not check all the boys and girls this year so Gus and Sam decide to help him out. The reindeer will stay together until a little boy or girl would misbehave. One of the reindeer will leave at the house and report back to Santa that the kids were bad.

    The point of the story is to keep the reindeer together the whole time. I can usually tell when Bean and Monkey have been bad because they usually look to see if both reindeer are still there. Having a 10 year old and a 5 year old makes it interesting and the reindeer have spent a few nights apart because one is at the North Pole reporting to Santa. I'm actually thinking of keeping them out all year round and see what happens because... Santa watches you all year.

If you would like to win a set of these very cute reindeer's to add to your families Christmas Traditions then make sure you enter the giveaway below and good luck!!


  1. Cute idea! I would probably tweak it a bit the same way we did our Elf... to teach them about kindness and showing God's love ;)

  2. I visited their website and learned that siblings are encouraged to work together to keep their reindeer side by side.

  3. I learned that on Christmas Eve, the reindeer disappear to help Santa deliver the gifts.

  4. I learned that Reindeer 1 will disappear to tell Santa anytime someone has been naughty. Meanwhile, Reindeer 2 will stay to keep watch so that nothing gets missed.