Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sponsor Spotlight: Aden & Anais

With Angel cutting teeth everything is currently going into her mouth if she thinks it will work for chewing. Though she is my fourth child I still worry about what she is sticking in her mouth to chew on. I worry about some teething toys because there is no real good way to clean them and then you have to worry about germs and bacteria growing. (YUCK) I love toys and teething toys that I can easily and safely clean for my children. That is why I am in love with Angels' new teething toy from Aden & Anais

Angel got one naturally- derived U.S. maple wood teething toy with 100% cotton muslin sleeve in the princess posie print. I love that this teething toy is made from untreated U.S. maple wood. The smooth wood helps calm and ease the little ones sore gums. The muslin sleeve is very soft and adds extra comfort for the little ones. I know that Angel loves her soft blanket so the sleeve on this teething toy really makes her enjoy it even more. 

I like that they make fun shapes for the teething toy that coordinates with the muslin sleeve. I love how easy these teething toys are to take care of and keep clean. Simply wash the wooden piece with warm soapy water and allow it to air dry. The muslin sleeve you can easily wash with your whites in the laundry.

Angel and I would both recommend the Aden & Anais teething toys to any little one who is teething. There are so many cute prints to choose from as well. We love ours and I am sure your little one would love one as well. You can enter to win one of these awesome teething toys in the Springing Ahead Event going on right now!

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  1. I am such an Aden & Anais fan! I didn't know they had a teether out now. What a great baby shower gift. Their blankets are, by far, the softest we own. Great post!