Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Newly Renovated Hotel Breakers {Sandusky, Ohio}

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of living in Ohio, but there are some perks to living here. One being that we are close to Cedar Point, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World! My husband and oldest son absolutely love roller coasters and are always trying to get me on them. They were thrilled when they found out about Rougarou, a new floorless roller coaster. 

Bouncin' High Toward the Sky

Growing up I loved jumping on my cousins trampoline and some of my best memories with them is being silly on the trampoline. My children have shown the same the love for the trampoline as I had. They were always disappearing to the neighbors house so they could jump on the trampoline. Now thanks to my partnership with Skywalker Trampolines my children get to enjoy their own trampoline.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fun 'n Sun Event $1100+ value


Can you believe it! Summer is finally here! And to celebrate Andersons Angels, The More The Merrier and This Mamas Life have put together an amazing prize package for one lucky reader! This wonderful prize package will help keep your kids busy, baby content and mama stylish and hydrated. 

PicMonkey Collage

KidCo GoPod

Prize valued at more then $1100

*One Lucky Reader will receive the items shown above *Giveaway starts June 18, 2015. *Giveaway will end at 11:59pm est on July 16, 2015 *Giveaway is open to US only * You must be 18 or over to enter * Winner will be chosen at random via GiveawayTools * Winners will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. * The lucky winner will be notified by email at the end of the Giveaway. * We Three Moms Blogging team and the other participating blogs are not responsible for prize shipment or fulfillment

*Disclaimer: The More the Merrier, This Mamas Life and Anderson's Angels received the items above in exchange for reviews & this giveaway. All opinions expressed are those of our own

Peach & Kiwi Fruit Salsa

I am always looking for delicious fruit recipes for my family. The newest creation I made my family was a delicious Peach/Kiwi fruit salsa.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family Pizza Night with Rustic Crust

One thing that my family loves is having pizza night. The kids look forward to our weekly pizza nights. They love helping make the pizzas and picking the toppings. Rustic Crust helps my family pull off quick and easy pizza nights with their delicious crusts and sauces. We can have delicious pizza made quicker at home then ordering from a pizza chain.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tangles no more with Cantu

If anyone knows me then they know how much I dislike my curly hair. I have always disliked the fact that it tangles so easy and doesn't like to stay in nice ringlets. So I am sure you can tell how excited I was when Sweet Pea got the curly hair as well. Excited not really. I hate that it is a fight to get her to let me do anything with her hair because it tangles so easily. She use to yell so loud that I was afraid the neighbors would call the police on me thinking I was hurting her when all I was doing was brushing her hair.

Earth Easy: Worm Factory 360 Composter

My family does a lot of recycling and is always looking for a way to help reduce our prints on the earth. We love growing a garden every summer and I am always keeping up with the flowerbeds. I have been interested in the perks of composting for awhile and was very excited when EarthEasy agreed to team up with me on the Springing Ahead Event.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Gorton's NEW Smart & Crunchy Fish

When my family thinks of frozen seafood we all think of Gorton's Seafood and their famous jingle "Trust the Gorton's fishermen..." I have been feeding my family Gorton's seafood for quite awhile now. My children will tell you that they do not like fish but I have found that they do love Gorton's fish sticks. When I tell them they are eating fish they will say "well we don't like fish but we do like fish in stick form..." I am so thankful that Gorton's makes delicious fish sticks so I can get my children to eat fish without a fight.